The feeling is not irredeemable, here are some useful tips that can help.


One way to remedy this problem is to find meaning and set a goal that is larger than yourself. The goal must not be grandiose but reasonably possible to achieve. Every incremental step towards this goal will give you a dopamine boost, courage and the will to continue on in life. What I am saying here is obviously easier said than done, but I hope that the following five pointers may be of use:

1) Do not keep your mind idle, feed it with knowledge both from books and audio.

2) Exercise and eat right. Without a healthy body, your mind will not reach its potential.

3) Find an inspirational role model who was in a tougher situation than you but managed to succeed. Here reading biographies can be very useful.

4) Set a plan and a schedule for yourself. Even if little, make sure your efforts are persistent.

5) Keep up with your relationship with Allah and your duties to Him. In order to keep this up, always find ways to be grateful to Him and make sure to give charity to those who have less than you and Allah will open doors that you thought were impossible to open.

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