Birthday of the Prophet Celebrations (Milad al-Nabi) at SABA Academy

Dear SABA Academy Families,

Salaamun Alaykum! In honor of the upcoming Wilaadah of the Prophet Muhammad (S), we would like to invite you to help us celebrate this momentous occasion these following two weeks. These weeks, the Weeks of Compassion and Milad an-Nabi, are an opportunity for all of us at SABA Academy to learn and reflect on the great personality that is Rasulullah (S).

Below, you will find a calendar of events for the next two weeks. Each day, during their projects period in class, students will be completing small projects/activities in honor of the Prophet (S). Additionally, we will be holding special events everyday during the Salaah period (italicized on the calendar). We invite you to join us at this time. Finally, we will be holding a schoolwide Milaad assembly on Thursday, December 15th at 12:40pm and highly encourage you to take part.

If you would like to contribute towards sponsoring the activities and festivities, you can email us at JazakAllah Khair!