Birthday of the Prophet Celebrations

Birthday of the Prophet Celebrations

Birthday of the Prophet Celebrations (Milad al-Nabi) at SABA Academy

Dear SABA Academy Families,

Salaamun Alaykum! In honor of the upcoming Wilaadah of the Prophet Muhammad (S), we would like to invite you to help us celebrate this momentous occasion these following two weeks. These weeks, the Weeks of Compassion and Milad an-Nabi, are an opportunity for all of us at SABA Academy to learn and reflect on the great personality that is Rasulullah (S).

Below, you will find a calendar of events for the next two weeks. Each day, during their projects period in class, students will be completing small projects/activities in honor of the Prophet (S). Additionally, we will be holding special events everyday during the Salaah period (italicized on the calendar). We invite you to join us at this time. Finally, we will be holding a schoolwide Milaad assembly on Thursday, December 15th at 12:40pm and highly encourage you to take part.

If you would like to contribute towards sponsoring the activities and festivities, you can email us at JazakAllah Khair!

SABA Academy Parenting Seminar with Sheikh Hadi Yassin

SABA Academy Parenting Seminar with Sheikh Hadi Yassin

“Strategies to strengthen the moral compass in our children,” Parenting Seminar with Sheikh Hadi Yassin

SABA Academy PTO is proud to present a special seminar on “Strategies to strengthen the moral compass in our children” on Sunday, September 25th at 12:00PM with renowned speaker Sheikh Hadi Yassin.

Please join us to:

“Learn about different techniques and strategies to raise children with healthy spiritual, social and emotional competence”.

Children’s cognitive abilities based on age

Secure attachment and good modeling

Age appropriate Akhlaq and techniques to teach them

How to develop emotional and social skills (with Islamic perspective).

How to help children to maintain their Islamic values and ethics.

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Every day, our kids face any number of moral dilemmas. Should I tell the truth? Should I copy from my friend’s homework, or let him copy from mine? Should I watch this racy DVD? Should I treat a classmate with kindness?

Young children probably won’t use the words moral dilemma to describe these scenarios, but they do understand that some decisions are harder than others, and that some choices are better than others. As kids get older, they understand the pressure to conform to an immoral culture—a culture with challenges not faced by previous generations.

As parents, we want to raise our children to make moral choices that will lead them toward honorable, successful lives. Can we help them build a moral compass that gives them a sense of direction when faced with life’s difficult decisions?

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SABA Academy Closed For Eid al-Ghadeer

SABA Academy Closed For Eid al-Ghadeer

SABA Academy will be closed on Wednesday, September 21st in honor of Eid al-Ghadir. On behalf of all of us at SABA Academy, we wish you and your family a blessed Eid!

Eid al-Ghadīr (Arabic: عید الغدیر) is among important feasts and happy holidays of Shi’a held on Dhu l-Hijja 18; when according to reports, the noble Prophet (s) appointed Ali b. Abi Talib (a) as his caliph and the Imam after himself following an order from God. That event happened in the Prophet’s (s) Hajjat al-Wida’ (the Farewell Hajj), in 10/632 in a place called Ghadir Khumm.

In Shi’a hadiths, the anniversary has been called “Eid Allah al-Akbar” (the greatest eid of God), Eid of Ahl al-Bayt (a) and “Ashraf al-A’yad” (Most Honorable Eid). Shi’a celebrate this day around the world with various customs.

The Prophet (s) began his journey from Medina toward Mecca for hajj on Dhu l-Qa’da 24 or 25 of 10/632 accompanied with thousands of people.[4] Since that hajj was the last hajj of the Prophet (s), it was later called “Hajjat al-Wida'”. When hajj rituals finished and the Prophet (s) left Mecca toward Medina, they arrived at Ghadir Khumm, on Dhu l-Hijja 18 and In this place, Gabriel revealed the verse of Tabligh to the Prophet (s) and delivered him the order of God for appointment of Ali (a) as Wali and Wasi (successor) after the Prophet (s) and announcing it to people.

According to hadiths, the Prophet (s) gathered people in Ghadir Khumm, raised Ali’s (a) hand so that everyone sees and asked, “O people! Do I not have wilaya (guardianship) over you more than you have over yourself?” People answered, “Yes, O Prophet (s)!” Then, the Prophet (s) said:

“God is my wali (guardian) and I am wali of the believers; and I have wilaya over them more than they have over themselves. So anyone I am his wali, Ali (a) is his wali.”
Then, the Prophet (s) repeated it three times and said, “O God! Befriend and be the wali of anyone who loves Ali (a) and considers him as his wali; be the enemy of anyone who is his enemy; and assist anyone who assists him and abandon anyone who abandons him.”

He (s) then told people, “Those who are present, convey this message to those who are absent.”

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Introducing Kisa Kids Publications

Introducing Kisa Kids Publications

It is with great pleasure that we would like to announce Kisa Kids, one of the great efforts of our ulama and educational team of volunteers under the guidance of Moulana Abidi and SABA BOT.

Kisa Kids aims to assist parents and educators in shaping and nurturing the minds and souls of our children through the dissemination of three primary resources: Islamic Curricula, Children’s Islamic Projects, and Children’s Literature! InshaAllah in the near future, we would like to publish literature for middle schools and high schools as well.

Alhamdulillah, we have launched 28 books, and will inshaAllah launch another 28 in the near future. We are always looking for volunteers in many different areas, such as writing, art illustrations, editing, graphic design (e.g., indesign, photoshop, illustrator, etc.). Please help us in this noble effort. You can contact for more details.

Please visit the website at

SABA Academy Spirit Week

SABA Academy Spirit Week

Our annual spirit week will be taking place April 25th-April 29th at SABA Academy!

The schedule is:

Monday: Book Character Day – Dress up as your favorite character from a book! Students will come together to hear Sr. Nazeera read to them. This is an educational event. Inappropriate characters would include any commercialized characters (Batman, Superman, Barbie etc.), “evil” characters like the devil, and so on.

Tuesday: Twin Day – Wait, you weren’t born a twin? Don’t worry, you and a friend (or more!) can dress the same this day!

Wednesday: Sports Day – Wear sporty clothing. Half of the day, we will come together as a school to participate in activities and sports at the park.

Thursday: Muslim Figure Day – Pick a famous Muslim, inventor, scientist, scholar, or historical figure and dress up like him or her. Prepare to educate others about your person and why he or she is an important Muslim figure!

Friday: International Day – Dress up in ethnic/cultural clothing. We will celebrate the diversity in our school by maintaining the unity of school spirit. Please stay tuned for details regarding sharing and exploring of ethnic foods for the day!