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On behalf of Maulana Abidi and the SABA Boards, congratulations to you and your loved ones on Eid-ul-Adha. We look forward to your presence at the many Eid festivities, including Eid Prayers, and Day of Arafat Aamal. All events will be held at SABA Center at 4415 Fortran Ct. in San Jose.

Sunday, September 11th
Day of Arafat
1:00 PM Dhuhr and Asr Prayers
1:30 PM Day of Arafat Aamal

Monday, September 12th
Eid ul Adha

Brief a’maal for Arafah Day and Night

By: Syeda Bint-e-Zahra

9th day of Zilhajj is called Roz-e-Arafah (Day of Arafah) while the night between Zilhajj 8 and 9 is called Shab-e-Arafah (Night of Arafah). There have been reported different amaal to be performed on these occasions.

Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH & HP) said: “your Adiyah (prayers) are fulfilled and repentance is accepted in this night.” He who spends this night in worship will be given the reward of 170 years of worship.

To take bath and recite Ziarat-e-Imam Hussain (PBUH) are sunnat-e-Muakkada in this night.

According to reports the best amal (deed) in this day, 9th Zilhajj, is duaa. Following are some a’maal of the day as described in books of adiyah:

To take bath;

To recite Ziarat-e-Imam Hussain (PBUH) – it has great excellence, merit and reward as compared to thousand pilgrimages (Hajj), thousand off-seasonal pilgrimages (umrah) and thousand Holy wars (Jihad);

To keep fast;

To recite 47th dua’a of sahifa-e-Kamela and dua’a-e-Imam Hussain (PBUH) for Day of Arafah after asr prayer. (mafateehul Jinan may be consulted for ziarat and dua’a).


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