Real akhlaq is not necessarily about good manners per se, but it is about what intentions you have when you undertake it.


What’s the solution? When dealing with a boss or someone who is in a position of power (or in a position to hurt you), change your niyyah (intention). Instead of being good, patient and showing good manners for the sake of fearing a person in authority, do them for the sake of Allah (swt). You will find that when you do this, all those negative feelings are bottled up much less and you are more likely to show the same attitude with people who are under you like your children (or spouse, friends etc.) This is what real akhlaq (spiritual ethics) is about in Islam, good manners/patience (or what have you) done for the sake of something or someone other than God is not akhlaq, it is servitude to illusion and dunya and it will be exposed sooner or later.

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