Moulana Nabi Raza Abidi

Resident Aalim of SABA Islamic Center Bay Area

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Upcoming Events at SABA 

Thursday Feb 21st / Jamad-as Sani 16 

Prayers: 7:00 pm |  Dua e Kumail: 7:25 | Speech: 8:00pm | Dinner: 9:00pm

 Friday Prayers Feb 22nd / Jamad as Sani 17

Quran: 12:00pm  | Khutbah: 12:05pm |  Jumah Prayers: 12:45pm | Lunch: 1:15pm  

Friday Night Program 

Prayers: 6:30pm  | Dinner:7:00pm | Movie – The Lizard: 8:00pm  

Sunday Feb 24th / Jamad as Sani 19

  Birthday Celebration of Syeda Fatima az Zahra (SA)

Registration: 5:30pm |  Prayers: 6:10pm | Hadees e Kisa: 6:30pm | Jashan and Fundraising: 7:00pm | Dinner: 9:00pm 



Verse of the week

He created the heavens without any pillars that you may see, and cast firm mountains in the earth lest it should shake with you, and He has scattered in it every kind of animal. And We sent down water from the sky and caused every splendid kind [of plant] to grow in it.“[Surah Luqman Verse : 10]


Your Spouse Can’t Read Your Mind

Your spouse will never be able to hear what you’re not saying. Make it a duty to communicate your feelings and check on theirs. By Nabi Raza Abidi One of the most destructive beliefs that often leads to divorce is the belief that your spouse can read your mind. What...