“Strategies to strengthen the moral compass in our children,” Parenting Seminar with Sheikh Hadi Yassin

SABA Academy PTO is proud to present a special seminar on “Strategies to strengthen the moral compass in our children” on Sunday, September 25th at 12:00PM with renowned speaker Sheikh Hadi Yassin.

Please join us to:

“Learn about different techniques and strategies to raise children with healthy spiritual, social and emotional competence”.

Children’s cognitive abilities based on age

Secure attachment and good modeling

Age appropriate Akhlaq and techniques to teach them

How to develop emotional and social skills (with Islamic perspective).

How to help children to maintain their Islamic values and ethics.

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Every day, our kids face any number of moral dilemmas. Should I tell the truth? Should I copy from my friend’s homework, or let him copy from mine? Should I watch this racy DVD? Should I treat a classmate with kindness?

Young children probably won’t use the words moral dilemma to describe these scenarios, but they do understand that some decisions are harder than others, and that some choices are better than others. As kids get older, they understand the pressure to conform to an immoral culture—a culture with challenges not faced by previous generations.

As parents, we want to raise our children to make moral choices that will lead them toward honorable, successful lives. Can we help them build a moral compass that gives them a sense of direction when faced with life’s difficult decisions?

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