Moulana Nabi Raza Abidi, the SABA Boards, and SABA community members strongly condemn the recent attacks against Sheikh Zakzaky and his followers in Nigeria.

Sheikh Zakzaky attended traditional Quranic and Islamic schools in the town of Zaria and completed his Islamic studies at the Hawza in Kano. At present, he is the spiritual leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria and an advocate of peaceful resistance. He has contributed greatly to Islam and has guided many people. On December 12th, Nigerian forces invaded his home, arrested him and killed many of his followers in the process.

Terrorism, and acts of violence against innocent people are condemned in Islam and by all Muslims no matter where they happen and who commits them.

Our duas and prayers are alongside those affected by these oppressive actions. We pray that Allah grants patience to all the Muslims in Nigeria and to the family of Sheikh Zakzaky. We pray his for his safety and well being.

Most importantly, we pray for the hastening of the appearance of Imam Mahdi (AJ) to bring peace and justice to this world.

Please recite a Fatiha for all the shuhadah, and especially those killed in the recent attacks.